Episode 23: The Dave Dederer Conversation.


Charlie sat down with Dave Dederer and had an incredible chat. You guys may know Dave as the guitarist of The Presidents of The United States Of America. Dave joins Charlie in his hotel room, makes a coffee. Dave is a fascinating individual because he’s managed to find success in both music and in the white collar world. Two very different worlds indeed. He also worked at a communist pizza parlor. Just had to put that out there because I wonder if they had a “Trotsky Pie” and what would be on it. Maybe Dave can answer that? We hear about the changes in Seattle over the years. Dave also tells us about how he came to a crossroads in his late twenties with the creation of The Presidents and the success that came with it  after having been a teacher and grad student. It’s a wild thing to find success in making music at that point in your life. You’ll love the way he explains that experience. Fans of the Presidents will also love listening to Charlie’s explanation of the Presidents sound and his complimentary words about their process and what they created. They touch on the using of space in music,Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Nels Cline.  We’re proud to have Dave join the merry mix up here at The Compared To What Podcast and hope you enjoy this conversation.  CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO HEAR THE CONVERSATION IN ENGLISH!

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