Episode 13: The Bobby Previte Conversation


Charlie sat down with Bobby Previte and had probably the most complete conversation to date on the show. It begins and ends on the same note. Really an incredible conversation. The epitome of what we want you guys to experience as listeners to this show. Bobby has had a really accomplished career as a drummer. One of the originators and main proponents of the New York “Downtown” music scene in the early 1970’s. He has worked with many different acts and is a leader in his own right. Bobby has worked extensively with Wayne Horvitz , Elliot Sharpe , John Zorn and Bill Frisell for example. More importantly just listen to the stories and the attitude of this conversation. If you’re a young creator of anything in any field actually hopefully this is inspirational for you as Charlie and Bobby repeatedly speak about constantly reevaluating their work on a regular basis. One of the great points of the conversations is the balance between musician and entertainer. Bobby has some amazing viewpoints on this and likes to think that every once in a while it’s not so bad if you have to sit through some music that actually makes you feel as the listener like you’re taking a gigantic virtual risk. Why would that be so bad? Every once in a while it’s not so bad for the listener to know what it feels like to be lost at sea. It’s just music, you aren’t actually lost at sea! If you ever meet Bobby,try not to be clever he has had enough of clever. A good thing also to remember is that “the sleek have inherited the earth”…CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO HEAR THE CONVERSATION

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