Episode 15: The Monte Croft Conversation

monte croft

“There’s usually plenty of room on the high road”. That quote kinda sums up Monte Croft. While Monte is a highly accomplished recording artist and musician who has worked with many of the biggest names in music he is also an incredible thinker and has a distinct viewpoint on things. Even if you’re just friends with him on Facebook for example,on a daily basis you’ll learn something very interesting from him. Charlie sat down with Monte and the two talked about Monte’s experiences while being signed to the Columbia Records label. They spoke at length about Monte’s experiences growing up in Youngstown,Ohio and his path to New York City via music school in Boston (yes the one that Rhymes with “Shmerklee”) (I kid, I kid). Monte is the straightest of the straight shooters. It’s his truth and vibe that we seek on this podcast to share with all of you out there. MOnte talks about working with everyone from Gino Vanelli,Branford Marsalis, The Average White Band and more. Stories, Experiences and truth. Young artists listen closely to Monte’s experiences making his first solo album. “You use the science at home to make the magic on the gig”oh and Charlie….its not Goering……it’s Goebbels……..bitte baby……..CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO THE CONVERSATION


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