Episode 17: The Sidney Greenman Conversation

Charlie got to sit down with his 103 year old grandfather Mr. Sindey Greenman. Born in New York, City in 1911, Sidney remembers clearly the efforts to support the troops in WW I. That’s right I said WW I. He used to bring peach pits to school to support the war effort but you’ll have to listen to the episode to understand why. (it’s kind of amazing actually). Speaking of World Wars, Mr. Greenman also served his country in WW II in the Pacific theater. The son of jewish immigrants from Poland who went on to attend Harvard’s Law School starting in 1928. He’s about as great an example of the “American Dream” as it gets. To say that we are honored to have a guest like this is sort of along the lines of saying “Muhammad Ali was a pretty good boxer”.  It’s incredible to hear someone so clearly explain life in the early 20th century in the United States as Sidney does. He vividly remembers horse drawn fire engines  and when the site of a plane flying in the air used to stop everyone in their path in amazement . He also got to see Cab Calloway on a kind of regular basis at the Cotton Club. It’s just a fascinating story we hope you all enjoy. Also, if you’ve ever wondered to yourself “Do I know anyone that’s ever seen Ty Cobb play in person?” …..well ,now you do and his name is Sidney Greenman. CLICK THE LINK  BELOW TO HEAR THE CONVERSATION

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