Episode 3: The Mike Clark Conversation

MikeClark_DailyMike Clark is one of the best drummers you’ve ever heard. Believe me on this because you’ve probably heard him hundreds of times without realizing you have. Mike has appeared on a  massive amount of Hip-Hop and R&B hits via sampling a topic Mike and Charlie touch on briefly. Mike is known for being an important part of Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters. Mr. Clark was at the center of a very fertile and creative music scene in the Bay Area in the mid late 60’s. A scene where rock, funk , soul and jazz collided and became a very specific thing. Mike is the living master of aforementioned “thing”. Known for being about to play  the ever changing incredibly funky yet sophisticated groove that is informed by all the styles mentioned earlier. We are honored to have him be part of this collection os stories and conversations. CLICK  THE LINK BELOW IF YOU LOVE HEARING ABOUT DRUMMERS AND TRANNIES!!! ( AND OF COURSE ABOUT MIKE CLARK )

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4 Responses to “Episode 3: The Mike Clark Conversation”

  1. Andy Ray says:

    I love this interview! Many layers of thought that made it move way beyond a lot of interview styles I often hear, which are limited to certain realms: technique, style, who played with who, etc. I really liked the ending how Charlie connects the music back within terms of community, which is so central to so many cultures. The effect of capitalism on music in the U.S., in that sense, is really prevalent because the “community” ceases to participate in the music. In a way, Charlie and Mike’s dialogue brought back the traditional role of the west-African “griot” to U.S. music, where the musician tells a story and a history about the community while involving the community at the exact same time. Charlie, would you consider yourself a modern griot (putting humility aside here)? If so, in what sense?

    • CTWP says:

      Andy thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! You get it. This is the goal of the show. to capture these moments of community and the humanity behind creativity!

  2. j gadson says:

    great wow so natural

  3. This is fantastic. Mike is so hilarious and just tells it like it is… so real. The banter is so refreshing, so organic… you feel like a fly on the wall. Just loving this…

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