Episode 42: The Marcus Miller Conversation


How do you start off a new year of episodes?? With a bang so without further ado please welcome…….(Cue dramatic  Las Vegas show room tympani roll)…..Marcus Miller to the Compared To What Podcast Family. Mowo! sits down with Marcus and the two cover a wide range of topics. The two have been friends since late 1986. Mowo! first reached out to Marcus as a fan at the age of 15 writing him a letter only to be astonished about 8 months later when he received a phone call from his idol (run on sentence alert!).Now today in 2015 that seems quite normal as Marcus has cemented himself as not only one of the greatest bass players of his generation but also as one of the best MUSICIANS of his generation. At the time though we’re not so sure he was getting lot’s of fan mail from 15 year old annoying bass players like Mowo! so the timing was great.  After an informal audition of Mowo!’s ability as a young bass player during a break at the mix session of E.U’s “Da Butt” where Marcus played drums and Mowo! played ONE million notes, Marcus invited Mowo! to come to any session he was producing to sit,watch and learn. Sit , watch and learn he DID! Those sessions included albums for Miles Davis , David Sanborn , Joe Sample , Luther Vandross , Roberta Flack  and Marcus’s group The Jamaica Boys.But enough about Mowo!, lets talk about his childhood……sigh…..So who is this Marcus Miller you may ask? (Thanks for asking)(how on earth do you not know who Marcus Miller is btw?!!?). Just listen to the conversation.That’s him on bass on “Just The Two of Us” ……He co produced and co wrote just about Every Luther Vandross album….. He joined Miles Davis’s band at the ripe old age of 20 isn’t that enough already?!?!??  Chances are he’s scored a film you love, played bass on hit record you love or tap danced his way into your heart somehow by now…..What more do you people need?!?!?!?  Please visit his wikipedia page! A not well known fact: Marcus is a huge fan of Gluten Free crackers! That’s all we’re gonna give away from this episode. Very excited to have Marcus in the CTWP family we hope you are too!

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