Episode 28: The Brad Parker Conversation



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Mowo! had the honor of sitting down with Brad Parker. The two had met just about 10 days earlier at a music business meeting of songwriters and composers. Brad is a musician, a songwriter, a progressive thinker , a lobbyist and problem solver. Brad has a real clear viewpoint on what ails the music business and the United States in general. Raised in Iowa , New Mexico and Texas in the late 50’s and 60’s Brad and his brother figured out that sooner or later they’d be drafted into Vietnam so like any teenage musicians from the late 60’s they decided to move to San Francisco in the late 60’s. This episode covers a lot of ground. The late 1960’s  Bay Area movement in music , political thought , food etc etc. brad’s had a lot of success as a songwriter and producer. His body of work ranges from Psychedelic Rock, Punk , Country music and 80’s Hair Bands to Cher to Asian Pop. A wide range of work in music. brads take on how the music business works and what needs to change kicks in about halfway into the conversation. It’s what its all about. Artists , Songwriters and Label owners as Eddie Harris once said…….”Listen Up”.The conversation settles on a bigger picture of ISP’s , Big Technology and how the internet will be run and what we can think of and try to do to change that.  A great episode and a welcomed  addition to the  Compared to What Podcast  collection. Enjoy.  *** We sat outside in the lovely country side of South Pasadena…….so you might hear some outside noises. Big deal. Content Content content rules the day.

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